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It's been awhile.

It's been awhile since I lasted posted. I tend to forget about LJ and then get too lazy to post. So, we will see how long this lasts this time.

I finally have a start to my dissertation I believe. Hopefully that means its on it's way to being completed. I like Elim but it is defintely not the type of work nor population I want to be working with in the long run! I terribly miss doing therapy with clients!

Motivation Motivation Motivation!


Day 2. Im exhausted and its only 830pm. Im defintely going to bed in the next 30 minutes. Man, Im lame!!!!! I hope I get used to this.

First day

First official day at Elim working with my student one on one. And O.M.G. Im exhausted. ha. it's alot of work and all day I felt akward. Im pretty sure I played it off like I was fine but secretly I was dying. The hardest part was walking with her. She has a walker and is not that great with it and then sometimes I walk with her without the walker and its like she is a part of me the way I have to walk with her. It's going to be rough. Maybe this will be my motivation to get my ass working on my dissertation!

Also, Im having stupid issues with my IPOD. It's not working =[ and it won't synch with Itunes and FOOOK man! Help?

I need a new phone. My upgrade isnt until Dec. 14th Blah. I hate waiting.

My lower back is sore.
Im tired.
My Ipod isn't working.
I need to work on my dissertation.
Jonathon wants to know when Im free to hang.
Kohler wants me to help her find a costume for Halloween, I think I want a costume too, But I want to make sure I actually wear it otherwise there is no point in buying one.

But, I just want to sleep.

P.S. Almost done with season 5 of House, which means.....Ill be able to start on the new season in like a week or so! Yay! I ♥ Hugh Laurie.

Protein C

I have found a new love for HOUSE! Im only on season 2. need to get all 5 seasons in before Sept 21. can I do it? I hope so.

Anyways, Ive been home for exactly one week today. Haven't done too much. Went to dinner with Drozd-good times, weird service at TGI Fridays, but fun. Then visited some peeps up at the theater. Nothing much has changed there. Im glad Im done with that place even though Ill miss getting away with murder at that place BUT Bob is gone, no point to work there anymore. Then I spent Thurs-Sat with Conrad. Chilled at his house and went out to eat and seen Inglorious Bastards. AWESOME movie. Had lunch with Kathy Wilk and then hung out with Nick & Jake last night. We seen The Gamer. I thought it sucked!

Thursday I have my pre-employment stuff to do at Elim. Physical and I dont know what else. Then I think training will start next week on Monday then hopefully after that Ill start work! I like being off but getting bored! blah!

Saturday Im doing Treasure Days with my Dad. Hopefully it doesn't rain and hopefully we sell some shit!


I will be home in exactly ONE WEEK!. YES!
Adios Ohio!

However, now I have nothing to do at work. I need to finish up all the paper-work part of internship..BUT, most of it is already done and Im just waiting on everyone else to look at and edit whatever so I can make the corrections. Ugh. I hate waiting.


Kohler is engaged......ENGAGED, Sarah Kohler.

& here I am still living with my parents, not engaged, not married, not anything. FML hardcore.

Pennslyvania in August.

This past weekend I went to PA to visit Lisa one last time.

Friday: Hung out in Philly. I bought an awesome new purse. Then we hung out at one of the bars out there. It was a pretty happening place, I liked it. Then drove an hr back to Lisa's apartment, got stuck in traffic at 12am. Wtf? Then bed.

Saturday: Went to the store and bought our lunch then we hung out by the pool far awhile. Then took a walk in the park near Lisa's apartment. it was pretty cool. Afterwards we came back and made dinner! Then went to the movies to see 500 Days of Summer. Absolutely LOVED the movie. I want to go see it again and I usually don't go see movies more than once at the theater! Can't wait til it comes out on video!!!

Sunday: Had to wake up and go straight to the airport. BUT, my 250pm flight was delayed til 340pm. Suck ass! But it wasn't too bad. I ran into a lady that was on the flight going to PA on Friday, we chatted for a bit. Which is weird because I never want to make small talk with people I dont know, but she was nice.

Why do cabbies feel the need to make stupid small talk with you when they drive you somewhere? Unecessary. Just take me where I need to go! Thank you.!


Why am I so freaken tired?!?!?

P.s. Got the job at Elim Christian Services. Score. 11.50 an hr. Not Great but better than AMC & the hours are awesome. Woo.

I just want to sleep.

Single Serving Friends

My dad came to visit me this past weekend. It was a good time!

Friday: Pf Changs. Walked around the outside mall area. Movie-Transformers 2.

Saturday: Bob Evans breakfast. Pink Moon Cupcake Bakery. We were going to go to the zoo but it rained. Boo! Then we got some ice cream. Went back to the apartment. I took a nap, I was extremly tired. Then ordered pizza from Papa Johns. It did not taste the same as it did back in EIU days. Then just chillaxed and watched movies.

Sunday: Skyline Chili-pretty good but I still prefer Lindy-Gertys back in Bville. Then we went to the store to kill time before going to the airport. Then I went back to the apartment and back to life alone in Ohio.


These next few weeks are going to take forever. 40 something more days left then Adios Ohio!

I thought I did but I don't

Lets do it to it!


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